Since first opening its doors in 1987, Tat-A-Rama has focused on the art of custom tattooing. Our adept artists will help work your ideas and concepts into reality in the form of a new tattoo. We encourage our clients to bring any rough sketches, photos, or other reference which will help communicate your ideas to the artist of your choice. To give you an example of our abilities, all of the artwork contained on this site is the product of the talented Tat-A-Rama tattoo artists. Call us today for details on how to begin the process of creating your very own custom tattoo.

For those opting for a more traditional approach to their tattoo, we have hundreds of ready made tattoo designs or “flash” on hand for you to choose from which include all manner of imagery and size. This can be useful for the client who doesn’t have the time to wait for a custom design to be prepared, or for someone who needs to quickly satisfy that infamous all-consuming urge to get tattooed!

One of the reasons we’ve been in business for so long is our spotless reputation for strict sterile conditions. When receiving your tattoo at Tat-A-Rama, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we use the most up-to-date methods of protecting our clients’ safety. All needles are brand new, single-use only, which are then sterilized in an autoclave, the ONLY means of sterilization proven to be 100% effective. The needles remain in the protective pouch they are sterilized in until we open them in front of you, while setting up for your tattoo. When your tattoo is finished, while you watch, we break the needles off their bar, ensuring they are well bent and beyond use, then dispose of them in a special puncture proof “sharps container” where they remain until ready for incineration. Any work areas, spray bottles, power knobs, or tattoo machines are covered with plastic or latex “barrier control”, ensuring any surface which has come in contact with your blood can be properly disposed of. Nitrile gloves protect the hands of the artist. At Tat-A-Rama, your safety is our #1 priority!